… Rafael Nadal, or Novak Djokovic come away with the coveted hardware at the conclusion of a Grand Slam fortnight, which means that these days maiden Slam winners are about as common as new presidents in the United States. But the grip of tennis's …


Well, you’ve probably seen the advert on television. Like me you were probably think should I Buy Grand Slam Tennis? I can’t really tell you to buy it, however, I can tell you that if you do make sure you wrap the cord around your wrist for you Wii MotionPlus controller as if you get as carried away as myself and my little lad you will not break a window.

Do I buy this game by EA Sports? OK, this game is specifically developed by EA Sports for the Nintendo Wii, you just will not get it or appreciate the power of this game on any other video games console. Buy grand slam tennis.

You can play tournaments all over the world which include Australian Open, the French Open at Paris’ Roland Garros, the championships at Wimbledon in London and the US Open at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre in New York. My second tip is to play the grass courts first, it is a little easier and the ball doesn’t spin as much. You can chose difficulty levels, do not go for the middle or hardest levels as this will really frustrate you and you will think why did I buy grand slam tennis. Take it slow and easy and you will get the swing of it – pardon the pun.

I am happy I decided to purchase this video game for the Wii, it is fantastic to play the big players like Pete Sampras, Johnny Mac (John McEnroe), Roger Federer and of course Rafael “Rafa” Nadal. Fantastic, buy grand slam tennis.

This game can even be played online. This game feels like tennis, it feels like you are in the truly recognisable grounds.

2 further tips use the training grounds as training does make perfect, do take advantage of the instructional pop ups they are amazing.

Finally, the Wii is a fantastic system for keeping fit – the Wii Fit has been an immense phenomenon and this game will b also.


(PRWEB) January 22, 2013

The UKs leading retailer of luxury watches Watches of Switzerland are partnering with legendary Swiss watchmakers Audemars Piguet to offer their sought-after timepieces online. Since the new websites launch back in 2013, the site has gone from just a few hundred available watches to a huge range of over 2,169 timepieces from global brands, and the retailer is proud to announce this new addition to the site.

Audemars Piguet was founded in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars, whose great grand-daughter Jasmine Audemars still leads the board of directors. The company remains independent to this day, unique among the historic Swiss horology brands that began their workshops in ValleRelated resources